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COVID19 Information

Updated: Jul 10, 2020



















Opening school May 18th, Monday.

Recent changes we’ve implemented to make the classroom safer;

- All students and teachers are required to wear a mask at school.

- We will check students’ and teachers’ body temperature when they enter the school.

- Class size is now limited to 4 students (down from 6).

- Each student sits alone a their own table as far from other students as possible.

- The tables/chairs are disinfected before every class using hypochlorous acid water.

- There is no sharing of pencils, pens, crayons, erasers, etc.

- If a student does forget a pencil, they may use one that has been disinfected at school.

- The common areas, entrance, bathroom are disinfected every day.

- Students are not allowed to hang around before or after class, chatting. They must leave as soon as class is over.

- Our teachers usually walk or ride bikes to school, unless the weather is really bad.

Procedures we have always followed at school to keep kids / teachers from catching colds, flu;

- Students / teachers wash their hands:

- before every class (after every class as well now).

- after they use the bathroom.

- and if they pick or blow their nose.

How we differ from regular school;

- Our students are only at school 55 minutes, once a week // not 3-5 hours, 5 days a week.

- Maximum 4 students in class at a time // not 20-30 students in a classroom.

- Students leaving and arriving usually consist of 4-6 students total, maximum 8, which is rare // not hundreds of students in the halls coming and going.

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